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While most cities in China welcome spring, the weather in Harbin has been cold in recent weeks. Winter - After a long winter, weary locals continue to look for sunshine, and the wintry weather conditions in the northern part of the city cause many problems. When most cities in China welcome spring, the port city is still cold.

Note: The rainy season in southern China usually starts in April and lasts until July and August. In fact, summer (June - August) is the only season in which it rains significantly. Moreover, monsoon rains here in southern China begin to peak earlier in May and June than in other parts of the country, such as northern China. Winter monsoons bring cold air masses from nearby Siberia to the north, while summer monsoons bring warm, humid air masses from the south.

The warmest time of the year is usually in early July, when the highest temperature is regularly 74.9 degrees. The days are generally pleasant, although it can get a little cold at night, but temperatures rarely drop below -17.5 degrees Celsius and rarely below -63 degrees Celsius at night. Spring is also preferable, as it has longer days and is warmer in summer.

In spring, temperatures soar, relative humidity is high and summer is the warmest season. Winter is definitely drier, but in summer it does not rain as much as in Beijing; in July and August there is actually no summer rain. In spring, temperatures rise rapidly and the relative humidity is high.

Take Chengdu: there is typically a 1 - 3 degrees C (3 - 6 degrees F) increase in average temperature in March. In Beijing, the average temperatures are 1.12 degrees Celsius (30 - 54 degrees Celsius) in March and 8 - 17 degrees Celsius (46 - 63 degrees Celsius) in July and August. In May and June, average temperatures in Beijing are usually only 2-4 days above average per month, and in August and September only 3 days.

Take Guilin: the average temperatures are 10-17 degrees Celsius in July and August and 8-13 degrees Celsius in August and September. Take Shanghai: there are typically 1 - 3 degrees C (3 - 6 degrees). F) March average temperature increase. In May and June they are usually 2-4 days above the average per month and 4-5 days below the average in June and July, but only 3 days in September and October. Take Shanghai: the average temperature is 5.13 degrees Celsius (41.55 degrees Celsius), and in May, June or July it is 10.12 degrees. Fahrenheit (30 - 54 degrees Celsius), but in August or September it is 8.17 degrees (47 - 57 degrees Celsius).

The best weather is in the southern part of the city, where spring begins at the end of April or the beginning of May, in August and September, but only on 3 days in September and October. Best weather in Quanzhou: Learn where spring begins and where it begins in Qanshan, Guangdong, Guilin, Hubei, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Xinjiang and Guangxi.

In spring, especially in March and April, you can visit these areas, but there is not much sun and rain is quite frequent, if not abundant. In Beijing, the skies are often cloudy in winter and in summer it rains from the beginning to mid-June, although the temperatures are pleasant. In Qanshan, Guangdong, Guilin, Hubei, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Xinjiang and Guangxi, there is a good chance of rain in the summer. The sky in Guangzhou can be cloudy for a while, with the sun being visible about half the time from July to December; in Beijing there is not much sun.

By contrast, the southwestern provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan could be hit by Gulf of Bengal cyclones, which bring abundant rainfall, but this happens less often. This happened, for example, with Typhoon Neoguri, which hit Hainan and Guangdong in mid-April 2008, and with Typhoon Chanchu, which hit GuangDong and southwest Fujian in May 2006 and then moved from north to east and reached as far as Shanghai.

Weather can vary from day to day, with temperatures in the mid - to late afternoon and evening, and skies are mostly cloudy or overcast, but not always. The sky can also be cloudy - at night it is cloudy, although not as strong as in other parts of the country. In the morning, the sky may be overcast with strong winds and heavy rain, as well as high temperatures.

As you can see, monsoon rains reduce the sunshine duration from June to October, but here is the average daily sunshine duration in Kunming. The minimum temperature, which is normally measured at night in Guangzhou in March, is 16.0 degrees Celsius. (60.8degF). In March, the temperature in Tokyo is 18.5 degrees C (52.7 degrees F), and in Beijing 15.4 degrees D (51.6 degrees). The maximum temperature at midnight, the minimum temperatures normally in Hong Kong in June, July, August, September, October and November, and in February, January, February and March in the Chinese capital Beijing, will be 16 (0degc) and 60 (8degFs).

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