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This is the fourth and final in a series of articles about Quanzhou, China, which is one of the most popular food and food cities in the world.

I travel a lot between China and the US, and the best food I've ever eaten is with the Xiaman airline. Quanzhou Quan Zhou (or "Quanzhuang") is one of the most popular cities in the world. To get there, you have to fly with many airlines, but there are many fairly slow trains to and from Quanzahou, as well as buses and trains.

Apart from the price, Meishijie is a great place to eat, as there are many restaurants that specialise in local Chinese cuisine and the added benefit of using fresh fish and seafood that you will find in China. Yiyuan Hotel serves excellent Western cuisine and serves a Sunday buffet lunch, which is held just outside the Xiamen International Christian Fellowship. The best Chinese restaurant in Chicago is Usmania Chinese, where you can get authentic Chinese cuisine from the local cuisine. Although this food is very common worldwide, it is loved by the locals in Xamia and is preferred for breakfast as it is one of their favourite dishes.

These biscuits, also known as Xian Bing in Chinese, are made of sugar and lard and have a flaky exterior. The skin of the Chinese chive bread is made from flour and pork fat and the filling is baked in dried tofu. Spring Roll, known in Xiamen as Chun Juan Bo Bin, contains a filling filled with rice flour, pork fat, chicken broth, dried and fresh tofu and chives. Rice wrap consists mainly of a mixture of rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, salt and spices. All ingredients are wrapped in bamboo leaves and cooked until served as a wrap, usually in the form of an egg roll or as an appetizer.

Top of the list of recommendations are beef noodles, which have a chewy and tender texture, and Sha Cha, a typical local soup that connects thread - like noodles with shrimp and clams. The speciality of "Sha Cha noodles" is a noodle soup made of pork and chicken bone soup, to which you can add any food such as dried tofu, rice flour, soy sauce, garlic, salt and spices.

While Sichuan cuisine is known for its numbing spice and sour spice, Hunan cuisine is also known for its sour and spicy taste. Popular sauces in Cantonese cuisine include soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, salt and spices, and soy milk.

Sichuan cuisine is also known for its fish dishes, and Quanzhou has some of the cheapest seafood in the form of oysters, mackerel, salmon, shrimp, crab, tuna and other fish. It also offers a wide range of meat dishes such as beef, pork, chicken and pork ribs, due to the abundance of oxen in the region. North of Zhongshan Lu there are some small bars that define the leisure time of the inhabitants of Quanzhou. The famous Mian Xian Hu, the largest and most popular fish restaurant in the world, is a highly recommended place to try authentic Mian Xians Hu.

Last year, the lively street food scene caught the attention of the world's most famous film director, Zhang Ziyi, who was in town filming his film "The City."

Chinese food is also very popular in Chicago, but it is rare in other parts of the US such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Chinese food to try and what is missing: the emphasis on the taste and appearance of dishes that give Jiangsu cuisine such an important place at state banquets today.

Chinese food in the United States, you will have to behave differently from other parts of the world, like Hong Kong.

You will find that Xiamen is famous for its glass noodles, while Fuzhou produces fantastic Yu-wan (fish balls). This dish is popular and famous in northern and southern China, but it is prepared in a different way in the United States because it is so different.

Since bamboo is grown in the southern provinces, almost every dish in Zhejiang's kitchen contains bamboo shoots that add a delicate element. It is similar to the Jiangsu cuisine, but the soup is made with a different type of rice and various vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and carrots.

The prosperity of ancient Jiangnan has given Zhejiang cuisine a unique culture and a spicy essence to the dishes, allowing the cuisine to integrate the benefits of other regional cuisines by combining elements from different parts of the country such as bamboo shoots. The cuisine of Shandong is excellent in terms of ingredients used in the search for natural harmony. It is known for applying different types of spices precisely and artistically cutting and decorating the food.

Jiangsu Cuisine, or Su Cuisine, is the cuisine of the province of Jiangsu in northern China and the second largest city in China. FujianCuisine (also known as Min Cu cuisine) is characterized by the use of various spices such as garlic, onions, ginger, garlic and ginger. There are two main styles of Fujians: the Fuzhou style, which is lighter than the other styles and often sweet and sour in taste, while the western Fujia style tastes slightly spicy like mustard and paprika, while the southern Fujia style is usually spicy and sweet.

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